Practice areas

We work at the legal intersection of the creative, media and entertainment industries and the digital economy. In the USA this is called «MET Law» («Media, Entertainment & Technology Law»). IP-INTELLIGENCE's attorneys advise in the following areas of law:

IP law and unfair competition

  • Copyright law and related rights; collective rights management
  • Trademark law and other trademark law (names, companies, domain names, etc.)
  • Design law
  • Patent law
  • Protection of know-how and trade secrets
  • Unfair competition law

Contract law

  • License agreements concerning IP rights, know-how and data
  • Transfer, sale and pledge of IP rights, know-how and data
  • Publishing contracts
  • Film production and exploitation contracts
  • All contracts concerning the music industry
  • Contracts concerning computer games, software, apps
  • Verträge betreffend Computer-Games, Software, Apps
  • IT contracts of all kinds (cloud, software incl. open source, licensing, outsourcing, infrastructure, hosting, integration, implementation, consulting, technology transfer, telecommunications, etc.)
  • Distribution and sales contracts
  • Agency and management contracts
  • General contract law, in particular works and contract law with a special focus on IP and data law aspects
  • Contracts concerning e-commerce and other business models in connection with new technologies

Art law, law of the cultural property

  • Legal advice to artists, galleries, collectors, auction houses and museums
  • Contracts concerning acquisitions and transactions of works of art
  • Transfer of cultural property, protection of cultural property and restitution claims
  • Legal advice in connection with artists' estates
  • Foundation and association law

Media and communication law

  • Public and private media law
  • Broadcasting law
  • Advertising law
  • Personal rights, protection of privacy
  • Social media

Data (protection) law – see also IT law and contract law

  • Swiss data protection law
  • European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • IT security (e.g. cyberattacks; critical infrastructures): «IP-INTELLIGENCE» in cybersecurity means all data that can be obtained about an IP address or a group of IP addresses and that can be used to intelligently influence all relevant factors of cybersecurity, such as threat defense, attack surface analysis, risk management and more.

IT law – see also data (protection) law and contract law

  • Digital Transformation
  • Emerging technologies – Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), MedTech, Le-galTech, FinTech, Blockchain, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reali-ty (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Metaverse, Big Data Analytics, Predictive Maintenance, Quantum Computing, etc.
  • Telecommunications

Consulting and Strategy

  • Consulting for startups with a special focus on IP and data law issues
  • Development and implementation of IP, know-how and data strategies


  • Litigation in state courts
  • Arbitration
  • Administrative proceedings