smart handling of your
intellectual property and
your rights in the
digital world

We distinguish ourselves through our close ties to the creative, digital and data industries and by partnership-based cooperation at eye level.

At the interface between the arts, media and entertainment industry and the digital world, we offer comprehensive legal and strategic advice on the exploitation, protection, management and defense of intellectual property rights (copyright, trademarks, designs and patents), data and information. We draft and negotiate contracts and protect your interests in the judicial enforcement of IP and related rights and claims. In addition, we have a large network of foreign specialists at our disposal.

We advise and represent all players in the arts and entertainment, media and communications, and digital and data industries, and we are the contact and trusted partner for domestic and foreign technology, service and commercial companies as well as private individuals.

IP-INTELLIGENCE was founded and successfully established by Marco Neeser in early 2008. In 2021 Annatina Menn joined the team. In 2022 Alesch Staehelin, David Burger and Miriam Lehmann followed.