Practice areas

The attorneys of IP-Intelligence are specialized
in the following legal practice areas:

IP law

  • Copyright law and ancillary copyright law; collective rights management
  • Trademark law and general labelling law (names and business names)
  • Design law
  • Patent law
  • Protection of specific area knowledge

Contract law

  • License agreements concerning IP rights
  • Transfer and sale of IP rights
  • Publishing contracts
  • Film production and distribution contracts
  • All contracts in the music industry
  • Distribution and sales contracts
  • Contracts concerning computer games, software, apps
  • General contract law, with a particular focus on IP law issues
  • Contracts concerning e-commerce and other new technology business models

Art law

  • Legal advice to artists, galleries, collectors, museums and other art institutions
  • Contracts concerning acquisitions and transactions of artworks
  • Contracts concerning public art and architecture
  • Transfer of cultural property, protection of cultural property; restitution claims
  • Legal advice in connection to artists' estates
  • Foundation and association law

Media, advertising and competition law

  • Media law (public and private media), social media
  • Advertising law
  • Unfair competition law
  • Individual rights, protection of privacy

Consulting and strategy

  • Advice to start-ups with a special focus on IP law issues
  • Development and implementation of IP strategies